Take the Etiquette Quiz of the Month:

1. When dining in a restaurant:

  • Wait for the waiter to take the initiative and lays the napkin gently on your lap.
  • Wait until the food arrives, to lay the napkin on your lap.
  • Wait until the hostess lays her napkin on her lap then do the same.
  • Lay your napkin on your lap as soon as you sit on the chair.

2. Whenever a customer should complain

  • Should you make excuses.
  • Should you claim no responsibility for the wrong that has been done
  • Make your customer feel that you care and that you want to correct the Situation.
  • Apologize for the problem even if you are not the one to blame

3. When queuing:

  • Is it okay to be busy chatting on the phone and exchanging business and Personal information.
  • Is it okay to jump the queue if in a hurry
  • Is it okay for a lady to jump the queue if they are only men there.

4. At work

  • Is it okay to show favoritism
  • The first thing to do is to break the ice by introducing yourself to others who you’re working with
  • It is okay to address other staff or managers using their first name regardless of the office culture.
  • When receiving or visiting, it is okay to have a casual look, as this is your company culture.